Fundraiser established for burial of sisters, 7 and 3, killed in Little Wildhorse Canyon flash flood

Kinzley and Ellie Graff. Photo: GoFundMe

EMERY COUNTY, Utah, May 13, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — Friends of the family have set up a GoFundMe account for the parents of two young girls killed in a flash flood that struck Little Wildhorse Canyon on Monday.

The post identifies the victims as Kinzley and Ellie Graff, ages 7 and 3. Their parents are Tim and Becky.

“Words cannot describe the heartbreak of what has happened and the support from family, friends and those who just want to be able to send prayers, love and thoughts to honor their beautiful daughters is truly needed,” says the post, which indicates it was set up by Becky’s work friends in an attempt to ease the West Jordan couple’s burden.

“Through showing our love and honoring sweet Kinzley and Ellie, we are looking to support Tim and Becky through this time. We have set this page up to raise monetary funds to support Tim and Becky with what has yet to come. Support with funeral services, medical bills, household bills, and ongoing support as Tim and Becky go through this tragedy will be necessary.”

The post, from Elite Marketing Pro LLC, said it also wanted to share information on the quality parenting the girls enjoyed.

“Becky and Tim were always on a family adventure with their girls… Biking, hiking, camping, etc. Tim is the perfect ‘girl’ dad… He was always letting the girls paint his nails, put bows in his hair, do his make-up… And he would actually go to the store with them dressed that way. 🙂 Yesterday, Becky spoke to how everything they did for their business and life was centered around those two girls so they could make an impact and leave a legacy for them.”

“Thank you for honoring sweet Kinzley and sweet Ellie. Thank you for your support of Tim and Becky.”

To see the GoFundMe page, click here.


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