Goodbye to Stephen Hawking, torturing our favorite British girl with Spam

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, March 21, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — HOLY CRAP! Imagine being the UHP trooper who went after a drunk driver going the wrong way on I-15 and ramming him head-on with his police car? The footage is epic.

When it comes to that plucky, “can-do” spirit, no one’s got more of it than Utahns- including the trio who just got busted for stealing $500.000 (yes, half a million dollars) worth of goods from Victoria’s Secret. Seriously? I know the bras are expensive, but…

Let us tell the tale of how Blake Shelton actually made Adam Levine cry during a traffic stop… and why the most outrageous St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are actually from the Italian-Americans. Have a listen to our proof.

And, we torture our favorite British expatriate Daisy who’s never tasted Spam. We’re sorry, Daisy. You didn’t deserve that…


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