Gov. Cox increases support for U of U Reading Clinic as more students return to remote learning

The University of Utah campus. Photo: U of U

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Jan. 24, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — Utah Gov. Spencer Cox has increased support for the  University of Utah Reading Clinic (UURC) as more schools return to remote learning in the face of the latest rise in COVID cases.

“With demand for remedial reading support surging, Governor Cox has increased support to the UURC, which was established by the Utah Legislature in 1999, to more than $1.3 million,” U of U stated in a Monday news release.

“With the additional support, the UURC can help 400 more educators, reaching more than 11,000 students, as well as 240 more individual children at the clinic.”

“I look forward to the impact this investment provided to the University of Utah Reading Clinic will have on struggling readers and their educators across Utah,” Cox is quoted in the news release.

UURC Director Kathleen Brown stated:

“We are so grateful for the governor’s support. Without funding, the UURC would have been overwhelmed with the increased need that resulted from COVID. There is nothing better than watching a student become a successful reader. Their confidence goes up, and we know from research that they are far more likely to have continued successes academically. An investment in reading skills is really an investment in a child’s entire academic journey.”

For more information about UURC, funding, and how remote learning has impacted students’ reading skills, click here.

According to the UURC, parents who have a child struggling with reading can contact the UURC and schedule an assessment. If intervention is necessary, the parents will be placed on the UURC waiting list for child-tailored intervention services. For educators, the UURC is available to provide professional development in reading assessment and intervention anywhere in the state.


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