Heber City Police officer helps arrest DoorDash driver, delivers order to waiting customer

HEBER CITY, Utah, March 9, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — Just because a DoorDash driver may be going to jail doesn’t mean his customer should have to go hungry.

So thought Officer Rogelio Cabajal, Heber City Police Department, who saw the food order chilling on one of the suspect’s vehicle seats.

A post on the HCPD Facebook page explained.

“Following an incident where Heber City Officers were assisting on the arrest of an individual, Officer Carbajal saw and later delivered a food delivery order that the driver had been in route to before the incident with police.”

The post also included the delivery video, from a perspective like that of a police bodycam recording.

“Hello. Did you order DoorDash? Food?,” the officer asks a female resident, who appears confused by the arrival of a squad car with top lights flashing red and blue. The woman shakes her head no, but a young man appears in the hallway behind her.

“Yeah,” he says, tentatively, while scratching his head, as a small dog barks its distress in the background.

“Here you go,” Carajal responds, handing over the bagged meal.

“I’m not working DoorDash,” he adds. “Just, the people that were bringing you food caught up with us, so I came to deliver it. OK? Take it easy.”

The post was shared 21 times and viewed more than 1,800 times in the first hour it was up.

Photo Screengrab of Heber City Police Department video


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