Logan man arrested after alleged aggravated robbery in parking lot

Robert Lee Ryan O'Leary. Photo: Cache County

LOGAN, Utah, Nov. 29, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — A Logan man has been arrested following an alleged aggravated robbery in a parking lot.

A probable cause statement from 1st District Court of Cache County said Robert Lee Ryan O’Leary, 27, is facing charges of:

  • Four charges of aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony
  • Two charges of theft, a class B misdemeanor

On Nov. 6, a victim contacted Logan City Police Department to report he had been robbed in a public parking lot in downtown Logan.

There were four victims who were in a public parking lot waiting to meet other friends, the statement said. They observed a man, subsequently identified as O’Leary, leave a convenience store and cross the road toward them. The man was yelling profanities and walked toward them. As the man walked to the victims, he solicited a purchase of illicit drugs.

“After the male was told they had no drugs, he walked away a short distance and returned to the victims tell them he wasn’t okay,” the statement said. “The male told the victims he had nothing to lose. The male placed his right hand behind his back like he was reaching in his waistband for a firearm. The male then told the victims they had a provided amount of time to empty their pockets.”

The first victim removed the items from his pockets and provided the cash he had in his pockets, the statement said. The second victim resisted verbally and was told again by the suspect he had a certan amount of time to empty his pockets.

“The second victim was then asked by the suspect if he wanted to get shot,” the statement said. “The second victim opened his wallet and provided the male with some of the money. The suspect then told him he wanted additional cash out of the wallet.”

The man then left after taking cash from two of the four individuals.

Hours after the robbery, an unrelated victim reported that the suspect had come to his home in Logan yelling and broken his window. This occurred a short distance from the robbery.

O’Leary was questioned by police but denied being in the area of town where the robbery occurred and the window was broken.

The suspect is currently on pre-trial probation for a felony charge of escape. He also has two no-bail warrants.

On Nov. 25, the suspect was contacted by police and told he was wanted for an
outstanding felony warrant. He was transported to Logan City Police Department, where he was interviewed. He allegedly admitted to breaking the window on the night in question. He said he was significantly impaired by alcohol that night and could not remember what had happened. O’Leary then asked detectives if he had hurt someone.

O’Leary was transported to Cache County Jail with his bail set at $81,420.


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