Logan police warn residents after skimmer device found at gas station

Logan police are warning residents to be on alert after a skimmer device was found at a gas station. Photo Courtesy: Logan Police Department

LOGAN, Utah, Dec. 30, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — Logan police are warning residents to be on alert after a skimmer device was found at a local gas station.

A skimmer device secretly swipes credit and debit card information when customers put their cards into a card reader.

“Fraud Alert! This skimmer device was found attached to the in-store point of purchase card reader on Dec. 23 in Duke’s C-Store on 1905 S. U.S. Highway 89/91,” said a Facebook post from Logan City Police Department. “We do not know how long it was in place, or if it was functional prior to its discovery. However, we suggest you be extremely vigilant when making purchases at point-of-sale machines, no matter where you are.”

The device was attached over the actual machine, officials said.

“This is an active investigation,” the post said. “If you shopped there within the last few weeks, please review your banking information for any suspicious charges. If you do find fraudulent activity, please file a police report with your jurisdiction and cancel your cards. We encourage all stores/retailers in the area to check your interior and exterior machines for any suspicious movement/loose parts, wiring etc.”

A Facebook user asked officials how the skimmer device was found.

“The hard thing is skimmers might not look out of the ordinary,” the post said. “This one wasn’t located by a customer. This device fit perfectly over the entire machine, and looked very innocuous. Look inside the area where cards are inserted, do a physical and visual inspection before you swipe. If the card reader moves or is loose, report it to the store immediately. There is no foolproof way to find a skimmer ahead of time, unfortunately.”


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