Man arrested in Cedar City on suspicion of DUI after driving wrong way on I-15

File photo: Gephardt Daily

CEDAR CITY, Utah, Dec. 30, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — A man was arrested early Tuesday on suspicion of driving under the influence after a UDOT snowplow driver notified Utah Highway Patrol of a reckless driver heading southbound in the northbound lanes on Interstate 15.

Shane Daniel Coles, 52, is facing charges of:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, a third-degree felony
  • Aggravated assault, a third-degree felony
  • Reckless driving, a class B misdemeanor
  • Alcohol restricted driver, a class B misdemeanor
  • Driving on a suspended or revoked license, a class C misdemeanor
  • Open container/drinking alcohol in a vehicle, a class C misdemeanor

According to a probable cause statement filed in 5th District Court in Cedar City, Iron County, the roads were icy and snow-covered, and the snow was still coming down hard, when a snowplow driver told the reporting UHP trooper the reckless driver “appeared to try to run into his plow at least twice.”

The plow driver also advised the trooper that the car was “all over the roadway, from shoulder to shoulder and spinning in circles.”

“Another individual called in the reckless car stating it ran them almost off th roadway,” the statement says.

“I located the vehicle at the 99 Northbound on I-15, driving Southbound in the middle of the roadway, weaving from one side of the interstate to the other,” the trooper stated in the charging document. “I observed the vehicle swerve toward an oncoming semi truck and trailer. Causing the truck to swerve, barely missing the reckless vehicle.”

The semi seemed to struggle to regain control of the truck, and almost jackknifed on I-15, the documents states.

The trooper pulled in front of the vehicle, and it stopped in front of the patrol car.

“I exited my patrol car and the driver of the vehicle was revving the engine and trying to shift back into gear,” the trooper reported. “I got him out of the vehicle and spoke with him. After having him exit the vehicle I could smell a very overwhelming odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from him as I spoke to him. He appeared to have urinated on himself, and he wasn’t able to stand up on his own without almost falling over.”

The driver, later identified as Coles, appeared very disoriented, tired and dazed, with red blood-shot eye and drooped eyelids, the document states.

“It was a struggle to keep the subject awake and standing upright as I spoke to him,” the trooper wrote.

The trooper conducted the first field sobriety test with Coles sitting against his car. From that test, the trooper observed six of six clues.

“Due to the roadway conditions and the apparent intoxication level of the driver, I determined it would not be safe to do any other physical tests,” the trooper stated.

According to the document, Coles struggled when asked to say the alphabet from A-Z, and allegedly was unable to comprehend instructions and finish the test.

“I determined the subject was too impaired to safely operate a motor vehicle and I arrested him for DUI,” the officer said.

While searching Coles’ pockets, the trooper found four beer bottle caps. He stated that when he placed Coles inside his patrol car, Coles “almost immediately fell asleep.”

Additionally, Coles has three outstanding warrants. The trooper also found an opened bottle of alcoholic beverage in the vehicle. A computer check indicated that Coles’ license was expired and suspended, and he was alcohol restricted.

The trooper transported Coles to the Beaver County Jail.

Coles initially refused to do a chemical test, but later submitted to a blood draw. According to the charging document, Coles admitted to drinking multiple beers in Beaver and said he was going to see his girlfriend in Cedar City.

“I located his criminal history and found two prior DUI charges within the last ten years, along with many other previous charges,” the trooper reported. “He was provided a copy of his citation and transported to the Iron County Jail.

Coles was booked into jail, where he remains on a no-bail hold.


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