Man arrested on voyeurism charge in Ogden

File photo: Pond5

OGDEN, Utah, March 5, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — A man has been arrested after Ogden Police officials say he was caught on camera looking through a curtained window, into a Porter Avenue residence.

Jose Rosado, 68, was booked into the Weber County Jail on suspicion of voyeurism, a class B misdemeanor, an OPD statement says.

“On 03/04/2021, a victim reported a prowler outside of her home and the suspect was seen by way of an exterior security video system,” says a probable cause statement filed in the case.

Officers reviewed the video, which showed the suspect as he “peeked through a window of the residence near the front door, but quickly backed away and seemed to slide up against the wall with his back to avoid being seen.

Officers compared the surveillance images with others from similar cases and suspect descriptions, the police statement says.

“A person of interest, Jose Rosado (Jose), was named in a related case,” the probable cause statement says. “Security camera pictures showed a male with almost identical clothing and physical features. Upon review of this and other similar cases where Jose was either identified or suspected, I believed that the man in this video was also Jose.”

Rosado was contacted at work, and his vehicle was parked in the lot. Clothing like that seen on the suspect in the family’s surveillance recording was located in Rosado’s car. A search warrant was obtained, and the clothing was taken into evidence.

“Jose was arrested for voyeurism and a subsequent criminal history search showed a substantial history for voyeurism and trespassing related convictions.”

Rosado’s bail was set at $690. His name does not currently appear on the jail’s list of inmates.


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