Officials warn of mountain lion sightings in Orangeville

Photo Courtesy: Emery County Sheriff's Office

ORANGEVILLE, Utah, Sept. 19, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — Officials are warning the community of Orangeville to be on the lookout for a mountain lion that has been seen twice in the town this past week.

A news release from Emery County Sheriff’s Office Monday morning stated a mountain lion has been seen at the bridge and at the Welcome Park. The first report, at the bridge, was on Sept. 13 in the early morning hours, and the second, at the park, was on Sunday night just before dark.

Wade Paskett, Division of Wildlife Resources wildlife biologist, said the DWR is monitoring and dealing with the situation, the statement said. Paskett stated that with this second sighting, officials are concerned “that the mountain lion is hanging around town as this is not normal behavior.”

The news release adds that residents should be careful particularly at certain hours of the day:

“Please exercise caution in the early morning and late evening hours, which is typically when mountain lions hunt. Do not let your children play in the creek bottom. We will post updates on this situation as they become available.”

For further tips about staying safe around cougars, please click here.


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