Ogden City announces ban on fireworks, open flames through Nov. 15

Mike Caldwell, Mayor of Ogden. Photo: Facebook/Mayor Mike Caldwell

OGDEN, Utah, June 24, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Ogden officials have announced a citywide ban on fireworks, open flames, and other ignition sources to continue through Nov. 15.

“Ogden City Council and Mayor Caldwell entered a joint resolution this evening that has increased fire restrictions within Ogden City limits,” says a statement issued Thursday evening.

“Effective immediately, due to the existing extreme hazardous conditions throughout the city, the prohibition on any person igniting or discharging class C common state approved explosives (fireworks as defined in Utah Code 53-7-22(5)) and a prohibition on open burnings and recreational fires (as those terms are defined by the International Fire Code) within the boundaries of Ogden City.

“This prohibition is effective through November 15th or such time as environmental conditions improve.”

Early comments appeared under the announcement, posted on Facebook, with most people expressing thanks for city officials’ decision.


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