Ogden police: Man jailed after choking girlfriend, assaulting officer

Weber County Sheriff's Office. Photo: Gephardt Daily/Nancy Van Valkenburg

OGDEN, Utah, April 24, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — Ogden police booked a man into jail Saturday night after they say he choked his girlfriend while her two children looked on, knocked her phone from her hand as she tried to call police, then assaulted an officer during arrest.

Gephardt Daily is not naming the 46-years-old man to protect the privacy of his victims.

The suspect faces charges of:

  • Aggravated assault act committed with force/violence to injure, a third-degree felony
  • Assault on peace officer or military service member in uniform, a class A misdemeanor
  • Fail to stop at command of law enforcement, a class A misdemeanor
  • Damage/interrupt communication device, a class B misdemeanor
  • Two counts of commission of domestic violence in presence of a child, a class B misdemeanor
  • Interference with arresting officer, a class B misdemeanor
  • Failure a dangerous weapon under the influence alcohol/drugs, a class B misdemeanor
  • Intoxication, a class C misdemeanor

Police were called to the scene of an assault in progress at an apartment building on the 800 block of 12th Street at about 8 p.m. Saturday, says a probable cause statement filed by an officer of the Ogden City Police Department.

“Upon arrival I spoke with victim who stated that her boyfriend … had choked her with is hands and tried to kill her,” the statement says. “I observed red marks and scratches on the victims’ neck and a bruise and abrasion on her nose.

“She advised that (the suspect) had been drinking whiskey from a bottle that officers observed up stairs on the dresser in the victim’s bedroom. She advised that (the suspect) got angry because he had been drinking and had shown the same behavior in the past. The victim further advised officers that (the suspect) had guns on him.”

The victim said her boyfriend “physically forced his way into her bedroom, and knocked the phone from her hands several times when she was trying to call the police. The victim stated that (the suspect) forced her to the ground in the upstairs hallway of her home at the above address, placed his knee on her chest, placed one hand on her throat and his other hand on her mouth and nose, cutting off all air to her lungs.”

The victim has two children who saw the suspect “on top of the victim, choking her,” the statement says. “The victim yelled at her two young children to run next door and they did so.”

Offers arrived, and informed the suspect he was under arrest.

The man “attempted to flee. Officers attempted to TASE (the man) but were unsuccessful. Officers attempted to place (the man) in handcuffs however, (he) attempted to strike officers with his elbow before again attempting to flee out of the residence.”

Officers used physical restraint techniques, and took the suspect into custody. They noted he had bloodshot eyes, difficulty standing, and smelled of alcohol, the probable cause statement said.

“A witness observed the suspect throw down a black backpack outside of the residence listed above when he first came outside,” the statement says. “The back pack contained a wallet and Utah drivers license of the suspect as well as two Glock 40 caliber handguns.”

The guns had hollow point rounds. Hollow point bullets are designed to expand on impact, and causing more damage.

“The other content of the bags would be described as survival gear, which included a machete, multiple knives, medical supplies and even food and water,” the officer’s statement says.

The suspect was booked into the Weber County jail without bail.


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