Price City detectives looking for couple that may have ‘pertinent information’

Photos Courtesy: Price Police Department

PRICE CITY, Utah, July 8, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — Price City Police detectives are searching for a man and woman they believe may have “pertinent information” about a case under investigation.

“Detectives believe they may have pertinent information to an unsolved case,” said a Facebook post from Price City Police Department. “If you know who they are please call 435-636-3190, case #20190846.”

The post added: “As always, we are aware that these photos are not studio quality. They are not Price PD or Price City cameras. They are what we have to work with.”

Comments on the photos said they appear to be from Pizza Hut.

The man in the photos is wearing a red baseball hat, a red T-shirt, and jeans, while in another photograph he wears a black sweatshirt. The woman has a dark bob and is wearing a black T-shirt with a cat on it.


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