Stockton police: Tooele man may face homicide charge after 21-year-old woman’s overdose

Stockton Police car. Photo: Stockton (Utah) Police Facebook page

TOOELE, Utah, June 17, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — A Tooele man has been booked into jail on felony drug charges after the June 10 overdose death of a 21-year-old Stockton woman.

William Camacho Johnson, 45, has been booked on two counts of possession with intent to distribute schedule C substance, a second-degree felony; and use or possession of drug paraphernalia, a class B misdemeanor.

Johnson’s probable cause statement also states he may be charged with homicide, depending on the findings of the Medical Examiner’s report on the victim.

“Due to other recent potential fentanyl related overdoses in Tooele County, the Stockton City Police Department working with, and as part of, the Tooele County Major Crimes Task Force, began processing the scene and interviewing individuals who were connected to the deceased,” a Stockton Police statement says.

“Based upon those interviews, as well as evidence collected at the scene, William Camacho Johnson, 45-year-old male out of Tooele, became a suspect as the individual who sold the victim the suspected fentanyl.”

A search warrant was granted for Johnson’s residence, and turned up heroin, methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia.

“Upon Mr. Johnson’s detention, he was searched before being transported,” Johnson’s probable cause statement says. “Detectives located a white rock-like substance and a black tar-like substance in his front right pocket. A presumptive test of the white rock-like substance tested positive for methamphetamine. The black tar-like substance tested positive for heroin.

“Mr. Johnson was interviewed at the police department, where he admitted to being in possession of methamphetamine and heroin. Mr. Johnson admitted he is currently dealing narcotics.”

A statement released by the Stockton Police Department said Johnson “confessed that he did knowingly sell fentanyl to the victim, after teaching her how to dilute it. William told investigators that he warned the victim that the fentanyl was strong and that it could kill her.”

Other people questioned during the investigation connected Johnson to another recent overdose in which the victim was saved by the administration of two doses of Narcan to counteract the effects of the heroin.

Charges were filed against Johnson on Monday. He is being held without bail in the Tooele County Jail.


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