The kids saved from Utah Doomsday Cult need our help! ‘The Todd and Erin Nooner’

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, March 23, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — Remember the chill we all got when the Amber Alert went out for the two children John Coltharp kidnapped for his Doomsday cult?

They’re back and safe with their mother, Misha, but you can imagine the trauma they’ve endured. We’ll tell you how we can all help them recover.

So, it’s HackWest here in the 801, and you’ll be chilled at some of the exhibits, like the voting booths we use and how easy it is to hack into them. While we’re talking about our apparent “hack-ability,” let’s warn you about the new Siri bug — where your little Siri will happily read of all your personal messages — even when your phone is locked. Surprise!

All is not lost- here in Utah, we have all the smart monkeys to fix the problem — we just got named the eighth Most Innovate State In The Nation. Yay, us!

Fangirl squee! Disney’s opening up Marvel-themed rides in all of their parks! It looks like the “Iron Man Experience” is only the beginning. (Erin here: I’m holding out for the Thor and Loki-themed “Ragnarok Roller Coaster.”)

Lyft is offering free rides to students who want to participate in Saturday’s “March for our lives.” We’ll show you how to score your free ride.

Hard question: If you found a million dollar-winning lottery ticket, would you have the moral fiber to return it to the owner? We’ll tell you about the too-good to be true folks who did. It’s Friday! Dance with us!


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