Toilet paper hoarding frenzy hits Kaysville Police Department

Photo: Kaysville Police Department

KAYSVILLE, Utah, March 6, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — As misinformed shoppers empty the big-box stores of megapacks of toilet paper, one coronavirus panicker has hit the Kaysville Police Department closer to home —

— In its own public restrooms, which have been stripped of toilet paper rolls.

“For those of you preparing for the coronavirus, what is the need for the hoarding of toilet paper?” a department Facebook post asks. “The Kaysville Community must be in a state of crisis that someone has resorted to obtaining all the toilet paper from the KPD’s public restrooms.”

For the record, numerous health officials have stated that COVID-19 has no symptoms that increase the need for toilet paper, or for bottled water, which is also disappearing from store shelves. Tap water will continue to be safe, and a normal amount of TP will suffice.

For the fever that comes with coronavirus, ice packs and temperature-lowering medications would be a better choice. For those hoping to avoid infection, soap and hand sanitizer are great choices.

Just don’t steal your private supplies from public restrooms.

“We love our community and we are here to serve you, but cops need toilet paper too!” the KPD statement says. “Let’s go back to the days of obsessing over power poles!”


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