Tooele City police relocate after concerns over structural integrity of building

Tooele City Police car. Photo: Tooele City

TOOELE, Utah, March 19, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — Tooele City police are relocating due to concerns over the safety of their building after Wednesday’s 5.7 magnitude earthquake.

“As a result of the earthquake yesterday, we have concerns over the structural integrity of our police department,” said a Facebook post from the Tooele City Police Department. “As such, we have moved to our new police department early, located at 50 N. Garden Street. We ask for the public’s patience as we complete this transition.”

Office services will be put on hold temporarily, such as fingerprints, sex offender updates, and releasing police reports.

If you need to speak with an officer, call Tooele County dispatch at 435-882-5600 #1.

“Our patrol teams are still active within our community, ensuring the safety of our citizens,” the post said. “Thank you for your patience and understanding!”


  1. As a former long-term resident of Tooele (I grew up there), I believe I understand taxpayers’ concerns about avoiding profligacy on new facilities simply because they’re new. That said, it was at least 20 years overdue, and all it took was an earthquake! Now, perhaps Tooele’s Finest won’t have to worry about the roof caving in on them!


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