Utah Highway Patrol corporal rescues injured owl, names him ‘Owlpacino’

Corporal Cope and Owlpacino. Photo: Utah Highway Patrol

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah, Jan. 4, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — A Utah Highway Patrol corporal took an injured owl under his wing Saturday, and even gave him a cool new name.

“Corporal Cope had an interesting encounter on Saturday on the I-215 West belt in Salt Lake County,” said a Facebook post from UHP. “This little guy had been struck and injured by a F-250 driving in the area.”

Cope rescued the bird, gave him a name, Owlpacino, and took care of him for the night.

“Corporal Cope went above and beyond to find a home for Owlpacino, he located a rehabilitation center in Ogden, Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah,” the post said. “On Sunday Cope packed little Owlpacino up in his cruiser and made the trip! We hope Owlpacino makes a full recovery!”

The post added: “Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah we will definitely need an update on this little guy.”

Photo: Utah Highway Patrol


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