Utah Jazz coach Will Hardy offers personal pep talk to injured Little Leaguer Easton Oliverson

Utah Jazz Coach Will Hardy visited with injured Utah Little Leaguer Easton Oliverson this week at Primary Children's Hospital. Photo: MiraclesforTank/Instagram

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Sept. 7, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — Little Leaguer Easton Oliverson, who is continuing his recovery at Primary Children’s Hospital after an Aug. 15 bunk bed fall and near-fatal skull fracture at the Little League World Series, got a special visitor this week.

Utah Jazz head coach Will Hardy stopped by for a chat and a photo.

“This was a very unique experience that Easton will never forget,” says a statement released on Instagram account MiraclesforTank.

“We are so grateful for him taking time out of his day to come and help our Easton feel loved, and motivated to keep moving forward!”

When he’s not meeting fellow sports enthusiasts, Easton, 12, is working with hospital professionals “who are utilizing every single moment to make sure that he is progressing now, and also prepared to continue his recovery at home,” the family statement says.

“Please keep praying that he will have the energy (both physically and mentally) to complete each task today, so that he can be one step closer to making it home!”

Home is about 307 miles to the south, in Santa Clara, Utah.

Hardy, a former assistant coach with the Boston Celtics, was hired in June of this year as head coach for the Jazz. At 34, Hardy is the youngest head coach in the NBA.


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