Weber County Jail officials report possible reinfenction case of COVID-19

WEBER COUNTY, Utah, Oct. 14, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — Weber County Jail officials are reporting a possible reinfection case of COVID-19.
“On Oct. 10, the Weber County Correctional Facility had an individual that is incarcerated in our facility test positive for COVID-19,” said a news release from Weber County Sheriff’s Office. “The facility had its first positive case on June 21, and has been recovered, with no active cases, since Aug. 26.”
The individual that tested positive on Oct. 10 had previously tested positive in July as a result of mass testing conducted for those potentially exposed to the virus, the news release said. That person was asymptomatic in July. The individual has remained in the facility since the July test. On Oct. 9, that person reported a sore throat and was tested for COVID-19 with a positive result.
“The individual has been moved to medical isolation and is under the care of medical staff,” the news release said. “We will be identifying and conducting mass testing of those exposed to this individual. The source of this infection is unknown at this time. Although currently considered rare, this may be a case of reinfection.”
Officials will be reaching out to resources for help in determining if this could be a reinfection case, the news release said. In the meantime, the case will be treated as a new infection following CDC guidelines and established procedures.
“Managing COVID in a correctional facility is challenging,” the news release said. “We appreciate the efforts of all staff, including our medical provider, Vital Core Health Strategies, who have risen to the occasion to confront this challenge head-on.”


  1. This article makes no mention that the CDC says that a person who tested positive for COVID 19 may test positive for up to 90 days after recovery. So Oct would possibly be within that 3 month window. It would be better to mention that fact as well rather than to focus on the “fear potential” of this article selling more news or views. The public is not well informed about the recovery process as much as the fear of the contracting process. Balance would be helpful…as a recovered survivor of COVID there is still a lot of social stigma being applied to me that I did not expect. I am not “unclean”…


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