Woman injured in rockfall in Zion National Park

Photo: Zion National Park

SPRINGDALE, Utah, Sept. 16, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — A woman was injured in a rockfall in Zion National Park Wednesday afternoon.

“At 1 p.m., a rockfall was reported at the start of the Narrows, about 250 meters past the end of Riverside Walk,” said a news release from the National Park Service. “The rockfall originated from the Navajo Sandstone. Several cobble-sized blocks came down into the river as well as a plume of sand and dust, indicating that the source came from up high and likely hit a ledge on its way down. The source area may have come down from as high 146 meters. One of the cobble-sized blocks hit a visitor.”

Medics and a search and rescue team were dispatched to the area. The patient, a young adult female, was transported to the hospital. No additional injuries were reported.

The Narrows and Riverside Walk were closed after the rockfall, the news release said.

“Immediately after a rockfall occurs, there is an elevated rockfall risk of additional material coming down,” the news release added. “Park staff are continuing to assess the area. The Narrows and Riverside Walk will remain closed today, Thursday, they will re-open tomorrow morning.”

If you witness a rockfall in Zion National Park, you are asked to:

  • Be aware of your surroundings, pay attention to warning signs, stay off closed trails, and keep away from cliff edges. If you are at the base of a wall or when a rock fall occurs above, seek shelter immediately behind the largest nearby boulder or move away from the cliff.
  • Inform park staff if you witness a rockfall, by calling the Park Information line at 435-772-3256 and/or email information and photos to [email protected],
  • Learn and understand more about rockfalls. Continue to learn about this geologic process happening in national parks that you visit.

Zion National Park experiences rockfalls because of the steep canyon walls and characteristic geology of the area, the news release said.


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