Ashfall expected as Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupts again

Kilauea volcano on the island of Hawaii erupted Wednesday, according to the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. Photo Courtesy of Hawaii Emergency Management Agency/Twitter

June 8 (UPI) — Hawaii‘s Kilauea volcano erupted again on Wednesday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

“At approximately 4:44 a.m. HST on June 7, 2023, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory detected glow in Kilauea summit webcam images indicating that an eruption has commenced within Halema’uma’u crater in Kilauea’s summit caldera, within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park,” the Volcano Observatory said.

The Volcano Observatory issued a Code Yellow aviation alert Wednesday that was upgraded to a Code Red alert later in the day.

A Code Yellow alert is issued when an eruption is occurring, or likely to occur, with minor or no ash. A Code Red alert is issued when an eruption with significant ash is imminent or occurring.

“The opening phases of eruptions are dynamic. Webcam imagery shows fissures at the base of Halema’uma’u crater generating lava flows on the surface of the crater floor. The activity is confined to Halema’uma’u,” the Volcano Observatory said.

“At this time there is no indication that populated areas are threated,” the Hawaii Office of Emergency Management tweeted Wednesday.

“The National Weather Service Honolulu advises that the Kilauea eruption may cause “very light ashfall” in Puna, Kau and South Kona districts of Hawai’i island through at lease 6 p.m. HST Wednesday. Volcanic gas, ash and glass can cause or worsen breathing problems and irritate eyes,” The Hawaii EMA tweeted Wednesday.

The Hawaii EMA is advising residents to “stay indoors and wear a breathing mask.”


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