BAE Systems tapped to provide LiteHUD display for Scorpion jet

BAE Systems' LiteHUD display is designed to improve situational awareness and reduce pilot fatigue. Photo courtesy of BAE Systems

Jan. 31 (UPI) — BAE Systems has been selected to provide its LiteHUD head-up display for Textron Airland’s Scorpion multi-mission aircraft.

Under the agreement between the two companies, the initial order will support Textron’s robust flight test for the Scorpion jet. BAE Systems officials say the deal validates the LiteHUD’s advanced capabilities, which aim to reduce pilot fatigue while enhancing situational awareness in the air.

“With its revolutionary optics and high-resolution display, LiteHUD will provide Scorpion pilots with the ‘head-up, eyes-out’ capability they need, no matter the mission,” BAE Systems Advanced Displays Director Andy Humphries said in a press release.

In a statement announcing the collaboration, BAE Systems said the product is 60 percent smaller and 50 percent lighter than existing head-up displays. The LiteHUD also includes a built-in camera, and is designed to integrate with both existing and future cockpits.

Textron’s Scorpion is a multi-mission military aircraft fitted to perform intelligence gathering operations as well as combat missions. The jet is capable of carrying precision-guided munitions for strikes, has been deployed to 10 countries, and has logged more than 800 flight hours during military training events.


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