Biblical Proportions: Noah’s Ark Replica Damaged In Oslo Harbor Collision

Noah's ark norway
A portion of the the full-size replica of Noah’s Ark is exposed after it crashed into a Norwegian Coast Guard vessel as it was leaving the Oslo harbor. Photo by Ark of Noah Museum/Facebook

OSLO, Norway, June 13 (UPI) — A full-size replica of Noah’s ark crashed into a Norwegian Coast Guard patrol boat in the Port of Oslo.

The ark was being towed and headed to its summer home in Sandefjord and Fredrikstad when the crew lost control and it suffered a huge gash Friday after striking a Norwegian coast guard vessel. No animals were aboard and no one was injured.

The ark, which serves as a museum, will remain in the harbor until repairs can be carried out, although the statement added, “we don’t know how it will be fixed yet.”

The ark was one of two built by a Dutch carpenter named Johan Huibers, who took seven years to build them based on the biblical description of Noah’s ark.

The vessel, which was the smaller one, measured 427 feet long, 95 feet across and 75 feet high.

The vessel included displays of animals, including sculptures of tigers, giraffe, an elephant and bison. Live animals include pheasants, peacocks and rabbits.


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