Commission nominates first woman to Pakistan’s Supreme Court

File Photo: Pixabay

Jan. 6 (UPI) — A Pakistani judicial commission on Thursday approved the nomination of Ayesha Malik to become the first woman to sit on the country’s Supreme Court.

The Judicial Commission of Pakistan previously held a meeting in September to consider the nomination. It was unable to come to a consensus about whether to elevate Judge Ayesha Malik, who currently sits on Lahore’s High Court.

The commission voted 5-4 in favor of her this time, Dawn News reported.

Aliya Hamza Malik, a member of Parliament, called the vote “historic.”

“It is a defining moment for women’s empowerment in the country.”

Meanwhile, members of the Pakistan Bar Council and other bar associations threatened to boycott court proceedings in the country if the JCP didn’t postpone Thursday’s meeting to consider the nomination.

Ayesha Malik’s nomination must now be considered by a parliamentary committee, which is expected to confirm her for a 10-year appointment to the high court, The New York Times reported.


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