Mother alligator lunges at Florida tour guide for pointing at her babies

March 26 (UPI) — A mother alligator offered a sharp rebuke to an air boat tour guide pointing at her babies in the wetlands of Seminole County.

Dave Pellar posted a video to YouTube showing the mother gator open-mouthed and hissing at the tour boat March 18.

The tour guide, attempting to point out the babies hiding behind the mother alligator, breaks off some rushes to use as “a longer pointer.”

The guide points out the babies behind the alligator, which takes exception to the rushes passing over her head and lunges upward to exclamations of amazement from the tour group.

“Mama gator hissed as the air boat tour guide pointed out where her babies were hiding behind her,” Pellar wrote online. “Mama gator decided to express her displeasure in a more forceful manner.”


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