Sotheby’s kicks off Geek Week with space, science memorabilia

Image: Facebook/Sotheby's

Nov. 27 (UPI) — Sotheby’s kicked off its first so-called Geek Week in New York City this week with a series of auctions of space exploration and historic science and technology memorabilia.

The auction house put spacesuits, moon rocks, Nobel prizes and other related items on displace Sunday.

The first Geek Week auction was scheduled to take place Thursday and features such space-related items as a Gemini spacesuit, lunar and space photography, original artworks by Chesley Bonestell and Alan Bean, autographed items, models, and personal items owned by astronauts.

The items are from both the American and Soviet space programs.

Friday’s auction, meanwhile, focuses on the history of science and technology, and includes the papers and Nobel Prize owned by physicist Richard P. Feynman. He won the 1965 prize with Julian Schwinger and Shin’ichiro Tomonaga “for their fundamental work in quantum electrodynamics.”

Also included in that auction are books, scientific instruments, planetary models, armillary spheres and other artifacts dating back to the 16th century.


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