Welsh Police Seek ‘Hazardous’ Dog-walking Motorist

Welsh Police Seek 'Hazardous' Dog-walking Motorist
Photo Courtesy: UPI

CARDIFF, Wales, Oct. 20 (UPI) — Welsh police said they are investigating a video that appears to show a motorist walking his dog from behind the wheel by holding a leash out the window.

Rebecca Jane Feazelle, 23, captured video of the seemingly emaciated dog being walked by a man driving his car Oct. 4 and brought it to the attention of police and the RSPCA.

“I actually felt sick. There were a few cars in front of us between us and the guy with the dog but they didn’t care. They were just overtaking it,” Feazelle told Wales Online.

The RSPCA said in a statement the dog walker showed a “disregard” for the canine’s welfare.

“Dog owners have a legal responsibility to help protect their pet from hazards,” the statement said. “However this dog was put in a potentially very hazardous and dangerous situation.”

South Wales Police said they have located the car from the video, but they are still working to track down the dog and owner.

“We are liaising with the RSPCA who have agreed to complete a welfare assessment on the dog should the need arise,” police Sgt. James Dowler said.


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