Woman captures moment seagull steals her ice cream

Photo: UPI/@youngweonhi

April 2 (UPI) — A California college student trying to take a photo of her ice cream cone next to the ocean captured the exact moment the ice cream was stolen by a seagull.

Twitter user @youngweonhi, aka Kris, said she was visiting Santa Monica with her family when she decided to take a picture of her ice cream cone for her Snapchat story.

Kris said she didn’t like the lighting in the first shot, so she moved slightly to take a second picture, which captured the moment a seagull snatched the ice cream from atop her cone.

“I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED Y’ALL????????????? RIP MY ICE CREAM” she tweeted with the before and after photos.

“We all wanted to get ice cream,” Kris told BuzzFeed News. “I got my ice cream first, so I came out and you could see all of Santa Barbara from where I was standing, so yeah — I thought it would be a pretty picture and I took it.”

“People think I was hand feeding the bird but it LITERALLY swooped in and took the ice cream cone right away,” said Kris. “It flew off with it in its mouth but there’s no real grip on ice cream so it fell into the ocean.”

She said she didn’t realize she’d caught the seagull on camera until later.

“I was just like ‘oh’ and walked back to my family and said ‘A bird just swooped on my ice cream’ and I didn’t even KNOW I had this picture. I was just laughing at the table with my family and my cousin asked if I got a picture and I checked my camera roll and there it was and I was in pure shock.”

The UCLA student said she decided not to get a replacement ice cream cone.

“I just took it as a sign that today was not my day for ice cream,” she said.


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