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Utah disaster cleanup service receives top ratings; UDK clients call them ‘best in business’


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Aug. 31, 2022 (Gephardt Daily/Bill’s Marketplace/Sponsored) — Folks who live in Utah are no strangers to disaster, especially those spawned by Mother Nature. From flash floods and mudslides to lightning sparked fires — even earthquakes — Utahns have pretty much seen it all.

They also know that disasters come in many forms, and that a house fire started by a misplaced candle, or a basement flooded by burst water pipes, can be just as devastating to a home or business as any natural disaster.

That’s why, when disaster strikes, Utahns call UDK – Utah Disaster Kleenup at 1-(801)-553-1010.

UDK’s Mission

With decades of experience and service centers across the state — from their Wasatch Front headquarters in Draper to outlets in Layton, Park City, Southern Utah and Nampa, Idaho — UDK has made it their mission “to help people reclaim their homes, their businesses — and their very lives,” said Keri Jones, longtime UDK marketing director.

A fast-moving wildfire burned eight Bountiful, Utah homes and threatened 400 others in the early morning hours of Aug. 30, 2019. Photo: Gephardt Daily/Monico Garza/SLCScanner

“We handle every type of cleanup and remediation job, no matter what the circumstances. Whether storm or fire, residential or commercial, we will get you back on your feet as soon as possible.” Jones said. “No job is too big or too small for UDK — we literally do it all.

“It begins with our promise to provide immediate assistance to clients during what may be one of the darkest chapters in their lives. By listening to them, hearing them out, with patience, care and compassion, we can help them find themselves, let them know there is a way forward and that an army of skilled restoration experts is already working on their behalf,” Jones said.

Photo: Gephardt Daily/Patrick Benedict

UDK’S 5 Star Reviews

UDK’s satisfied clients speak for themselves in their Google five-star reviews:

  • “I had a horrific 5 alarm fire at my work and UDK was dispatched out from the fire department for the board up of the windows and doors that were broken and shattered,” Lindee Norton recently wrote. “We had 51 units in the building that were all damaged by water, smoke or fire. After the board up, we hired UDK to do the next step of work of extracting the water and the wet walls and collapsed ceilings. All this work had to be done before any tenants could enter the building. UDK had it done in a matter of days. They were absolutely amazing and fast. Every step of the process was done professionally and all the employees were hands down best in the business. I would highly recommend them for your restoration projects!”
  • “We had a garage fire, and the smoke damage was through the house as well,” wrote Allison Brown. “We lived in an apartment for about 3 months through the construction. Through it all, UDK was there, not just as a team working for us, but they became friends! They helped us get back into our house as quickly as possible.”
  • “UDK came into our home and took care of our black mold problem quickly and efficiently,” client Michael Bundy wrote. “I couldn’t even tell any work had been done when they were finished.”
  • “This is my first actual ‘flood disaster’ I have encountered. I’m glad I called UDK instead of continuing to think I’m superwoman and could tackle this mess myself,” Emily Cordova wrote. “Everyone has been nothing but supportive, understanding and kind towards me.”
Photo: Gephardt Daily/Monico Garza/SLCScanner

UDK’s Rapid Response

A great many Utah cataclysms are weather-related, so when Mother Nature strikes — often with little warning — UDK’s storm damage specialists are among the first to respond.

Managers say their work begins as soon as UDK gets the call. In many cases, that call comes from first responders, police and firefighting agencies, who have already spoken to victims and assessed the situation. This advance notice allows UDK’s project managers to begin their work immediately and to assess the situation in real time.

Once UDK personnel are on scene, they begin work determining both the client’s short and long-term needs. It’s often an emotional time, and UDK team members bring their skills to bear by treating clients with the utmost care and compassion.

“We really take time to listen to people, to understand what they’re going through, and learn about the things in their homes that are most important to them,” Jones said. “There’s always something that’s special, and sometimes people lose things that cannot be replaced. But, for the times that they can, we do everything possible to restore those items and get them back in the best shape possible.

“Maybe their most treasured item is an heirloom blanket with serious smoke damage,”  Jones said. “It means we’ve got to take care of this blanket and do everything we can to clean it and get it back to them, so they can pass it on to loved ones and future generations,” Jones said.

The UDK Road to Restoration

UDK’s remediation and restoration teams hit the ground running, working quickly with clients, including insurance companies, to bring the expertise of UDK’s 75 highly trained restoration specialists to bear, along with roughly 300 other general and specialty contractors. That networking has proven key in UDK’s success, allowing them to negotiate favorable outcomes between insurance companies and clients in tens of thousands of cases.

“We walk a very fine line trying to make both of these parties happy, and I’d like to say we do a good job at it,” Jones said. “Our bids will include the same quality of materials that were lost. We’re always very honest and have a lot of integrity. It’s a fine line that you walk between making the insured happy and the carrier happy at the same time. We do an excellent job.”

At the end of the day Jones said she and her co-workers still find the greatest satisfaction in being able to help the people who been knocked down to get back up and reclaim their lives impacted.

“Disasters are always going to happen,” Jones said. “We are always going to have floods, and we are always going to have fires. We provide this service that people really need, and our clients tell us they don’t know what they would do without us.

“We would never wish disaster on anyone, but when it happens, we just hope that they call us. We want to be the ones to help them out. We feel that we are the very best at it.”

Learn more about Utah Disaster Kleenup on its website, CallUDK.com, or call for a consultation at 801-553-1010.

Photo: Gephardt Daily/Patrick Benedict


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