California Middle-Schooler Finds Meth Disguised As Candy

Police in California confiscated methamphetamine disguised as candy from a middle-schooler in California. The student turned the candy in to faculty after finding it on school grounds. Photo by CobraCZ/

IONE, Calif., April 6 (UPI) — A California middle-schooler found  meth disguised to look like candy on school grounds, police said.

Chief Tracy Busby of the Ione Police Department told KXTV that the boy found it at Ione Junior High and told school officials, who confiscated the methamphetamine.

“We’ll be working with the schools to see if we have any more of this activity,” Busby said.

The candy resembled hard-shelled tablet candies such as Smarties or Sweet Tarts.

School officials told CBS 13 the candy tested positive for methamphetamine and informed parents of the incident in a letter.

“It was scary to see that these drugs are masked as candy and could be passed off to any student as such,” the principal and vice principal wrote in a statement.

“It is worrisome that it can come in the forms of very popular types of snacks that we see sold daily. Even the packaging can be similar.”


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