Utah’s state parks only open to residents of same county in which park is located

Photo: Zion National Park

UTAH, March 29, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — The Utah Division of Parks and Recreation is reminding guests that Utah’s state parks remain open only to visitors residing in the same county where the state park is located.

“Employees have been asked to clean high-traffic areas or highly-used materials regularly, as well as to not report to work should there be concerns about their health status,” said a news release from Utah State Parks on Sunday. “We encourage everyone visiting state parks to practice #ResponsibleRecreation. This means: separating yourself and honoring the social distance of others, avoiding crowded trailheads and areas; and keeping parks and facilities clean.”

In accordance with Gov. Gary R. Herbert’s “Stay Safe, Stay Home” directive, state parks remain open only to visitors living in the same county where the state park is located.

“We advise park visitors to always use their best judgment when determining the safety of themselves and their families,” the news release said. “Guests are encouraged to practice healthy hygiene and avoid visiting parks if they feel ill or are having symptoms. Please help keep our parks and park facilities clean and tidy by cleaning up after yourself in the restroom and informing our staff of any deficiencies you may encounter.”

Consult this table for status on individual park closures or partial closures.


  1. Disagree with this directive. There were alternatives you could have considered, i.e. surrounding counties have a day(s) of each week to visit. I guess this means those counties without a state park will not assist with paying for park upkeep through our taxes, right?

  2. Special Thank You, Gov. Gary Herbert! Much appreciated, there are many of us that love the outdoors. To be confined indoors would deplete our emotional and mental well being . For locals it is almost impossible for us to enjoy our own backyards of beauty. Tourism it is overcrowded and most of are too busy working to get to enjoy the beauty which we live ! Thank you again for letting us have this opportunity!

  3. Utah State Parks website should be updated with this information. Otherwise, people coming from out of state may not be aware of these restrictions before they get there. When you look at the COVID 19 restrictions, it just says that the parks are open, with some visitor centers closed. What will happen to non-Utah residents with paid campground reservations?


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