Mail Forwarding Scam

Identity theft has turned from e-mail back to snail mail in the form of fraudulent mail forwarding.

“Nine credit cards were filed in my name,” Heather of West Palm Beach tells WPTV. Heather didn’t give out her social security to anyone, nor did she lose her credit cards. Heather was scammed when crooks forwarded her mail while she was enjoying a vacation.

She is not alone. The US Postal Service says this happens more than they would like. Part of the reason this happens is due to the several different ways a consumer can request an address change. A consumer can change it online, which requires a credit card payment, over the phone or through a postcard you can mail in.
A recent audit shows that most of the mail forwarding frauds occur through a change or address request made through a postcard.

As for Heather, no one was able to determine why or how she became a target.

Once an address change has been submitted to the post office, a letter will arrive at your home and the address where you mail will be forwarded indicating a request has been submitted, If its incorrect, don’t ignore it, you might have been scammed.


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