Prison Call Scam

    Plan on placing a call to anyone in the slammer? Familiarize yourself with this scam! The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers that two Texas companies, Jail Call Services and Prison Call Solutions are ripping off clients.

    The two companies promise to give huge discounts on phone calls between prisoners and their families. Consumers tell the BBB they don’t deliver the product. As a result Jail Call Services has racked up more than 105 complaints while Jail Call Solutions has over 190, earning both companies an F rating within the BBB.

    Consumers say they couldn’t place calls with the services because many prisons won’t allow third party calling. When they requested refunds they couldn’t get a hold of anyone with customer service.
    The BBB says you should always contact the facility your loved one is being held to verify they allow third party calling. They recommend reading all fine print and paying with a credit card to more easily despite problems.


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