‘Bear Right’ GPS Message Terrifies Bear-Fearing Boy

A young boy is terrified after his sister misinterpreted a "bear right" GPS instruction as a warning about a bear on the right side of the vehicle. Screenshot: JukinMedia

COLORADO SPRINGS, March 31 (UPI) — A couple perplexed by their panicking small children while driving through Colorado discovered the kids were frightened by a GPS warning: “Bear right.”

The video, posted to YouTube by Chip Golden, features footage filmed inside the family’s car during a drive to the zoo in Colorado Springs.

“We have a problem,” the couple’s young son, Austin, says.

“What kind of a problem?” the father asks.

“A bear problem,” Austin answers.

The parents grill their children about the issue and discover the boy’s sister, Abby, had heard the TomTom GPS device tell the driver to “bear right,” an instruction Abby took as a warning about a bear on her brother’s side of the vehicle.

Austin eventually bursts into tears due to his fear of being stalked by the predator, while his mother assures him that there isn’t a bear on his side of the vehicle.

The boy briefly seems comforted by the idea of seeing a giraffe once the family gets to the zoo, but panics again when his mother tells him there will likely also be a bear.

Austin stops crying as his mother assures him that the bear at the zoo would be inside a cage, but Abby soon chimes in that there’s “another bear” that lives in the woods that apparently was now “on Austin’s side.”

The exchange continues with Austin talking himself into thinking the bear is “nice,” while Abby argues, “I think it’s mean.”

The uploader wrote the video was filmed in 2009, but was only uploaded to YouTube this week.


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