Florida Teens Film Encounter With Great White Shark

A pair of Florida teens captured footage of a 16-foot great white shark while fishing for grouper off the coast of Ponce Inlet on Saturday. The pair claim they were unafraid of the large shark and were happy for the once in a lifetime opportunity. Screen capture/Michelle Morrison Phelan/Facebook

PONCE INLET, Fla., May 4 (UPI) — A pair of teens were able to get a close up look at a great white shark while fishing for grouper off the coast of Florida.

The two 18-year-olds, Wylie Phelan and Taylor Magone, spotted the shark 20 miles off Ponce Inlet and managed to capture GoPro footage, which Wylie’s mother Michelle shared to Facebook.

The footage shows the shark swimming calmly amongst a group of smaller fish as the camera dips in and out of the water.

“He probably did 20 or so circles around the boat,” Magone told Click Orlando. “I was just holding the camera and just sticking it in the water so I could get some great shots of him.”

Phelan said the pair were not afraid when they suddenly spotted the shark in the midst of their fishing trip.

“He seemed nice, friendly, calm,” he said. “Just a gray shadow coming up on us. You couldn’t miss him. A 16-foot shark coming up on you.”

The teens said the shark didn’t appear to be tagged and reveled in the opportunity to capture such rare footage.

“I knew if I got like up close and personal, it would honestly be a once in a lifetime shot,” Magone said.

“Something incredible. Once in a lifetime that’s for sure,” added Phelan.


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