Forecasters warn of falling iguanas in Florida amid cold spell

An iguana is shown in Florida. File Photo by Slegrand/Wikimedia Commons

Jan. 27 (UPI) — Florida forecasters warned of a chance of falling iguanas amid a cold spell this weekend.

The falling reptiles are most likely to be seen Saturday night, meteorologist Brian Shields of WFTV in Orlando reported, when temperatures are forecast to drop below 40 degrees in Central Florida as artic air drives cold deep into the Sunshine state.

The reptiles enter a frozen state, and fall from trees, but they are not dead, and once temperatures start to climb again they will begin moving again, according to‘s Florida weather anchor Vivian Gonzalez.

The cold spell is due to two cold fronts moving south over the weekend amid a powerful nor’easter, which the National Weather Service predicts will potentially bring heavy snow, especially to New England, and strong winds and coastal flooding to areas in the northeast.

Temperatures could also drop to the 20s in North Florida, and Southwest Florida temperatures could drop to the lower 30s, according to the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network.


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