New Jersey Woman Gets Stuck In Cemetery Tree While Playing ‘Pokemon Go’

A fire department in New Jersey rescued a woman from a tree in a cemetery after she became stuck while playing "Pokemon Go." The department warned players of the game to remain aware of their surroundings while playing the game. Photo by Randy Miramontez/Shutterstock

CLARKSBORO, N.J., July 20 (UPI) — A New Jersey woman found herself stuck in a tree in a cemetery while playing Pokemon Go on her smartphone.

East Greenwich Township Fire & Rescue shared photos of the scene as firefighters sent up a ladder to bring the woman down.

“Well we’ve all heard of firemen rescuing cats in stuck in a tree. Tonight District 19 was dispatched to Eglington Cemetery for a Pokemon stuck in a tree, along with the person who was chasing it,” they wrote.

The department issued a warning to fellow Pokemon Go players and encouraged them to heed the game’s loading screen warning and remain aware of their surroundings.


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