‘Poopmaster 6000’ Takes On Crow Dropping Problem In Portland

Poopmaster 6000
The Poopmaster 6000 tackles crow droppings in Portland, Ore. WPXI-TV video screenshot

PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 13 (UPI) — Crows littering the sidewalks of Portland, Ore., with their droppings have a new enemy: a piece of equipment dubbed the “Poopmaster 6000.”

Portland Mall Management said the Poopmaster 6000 will drive up and down the city’s downtown five days a week to clear the crow feces that has become a public nuisance.

“Years of market research and development created the name to address the problem,” Portland Mall Management President Mark New joked to KOIN-TV.

The organization said the Poopmaster is being given a six-month trial in the city at the cost of a few thousand dollars per month. The city will have the option to buy the Poopmaster for $60,000 at the end of the trial.

Officials said the initial results from the Poopmaster have been positive.

“Our crews have given us a nice, clean sidewalk,” said Jerry Jenkins of Portland Mall Management. “And the crows leave a few hours later and who knew anybody cleaned.”



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