Rude Wombat Responds To Corn Offer With Epic Flatulence

Pete the farting wombat lets one rip during snack time. Screenshot: BBC/YouTube

CANBERRA, Australia, May 9 (UPI) — A wombat named Pete showed his lack of appreciation for an offered ear of corn by farting loudly on the lap of the man feeding him.

The BBC shared a clip on YouTube from Episode 5 of BBC Two’s “Natural World” showing a man attempting to feed an ear of corn to a hairy-nosed wombat named Pete.

“Want some?” the man asks. “You want a treat?”

Pete responds by loudly passing gas on the man’s lap.

“Wasn’t me,” the man jokes, before Pete finally starts to take bites of corn.

Flatulent Pete isn’t the first wombat to display poor manners on camera — a baby wombat named Jack was filmed by ACT Wildlife grasping desperately to remove his foster mother’s glasses, despite her objections.


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