Semi Crash Releases Thousands Of Bees On Idaho Road

Semi Crash Releases Thousands Of Bees
Bees swarm along Interstate 15 after being released from a crashed semi truck. East Idaho News/YouTube video screenshot

POCATELLO, Idaho, Sept. 11 (UPI) — Authorities in Idaho said multiple crashes resulted from a swarm of bees released from an overturned semi truck on a stretch of interstate.

The Pocatello Police Department and Idaho State Police said the semi truck was transporting thousands of bees Thursday on Interstate 15 when it overturned near Pocatello.

Police said the swarm of bees caused multiple ensuing crashes in the minutes following the semi overturning.

The semi driver was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Police said the driver told them he struck a concrete barrier under an overpass while reaching for an item in the cab of the truck.

It was unclear whether injuries resulted from the ensuing crashes.

Lanes of traffic were closed on both sides of the road and Pocatello Police spokeswoman Dianne Brush advised North Pocatello residents to stay indoors and keep their windows closed to avoid confrontations with the bees.

Drone footage from the scene of the semi crash shows thousands of bees forming a dark cloud in the air.

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