Bill Gephardt Show: Episode #14 – Why Utah politics are all the rage

The Bill Gephardt Show: Episode #14 - 'Utah politics are all the rage'

SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 3, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Utah politics are all the rage these days.

The only thing certain in these most uncertain times is the all-consuming anger welling up in many people will likely continue until the genies of our division are somehow tamped back into their bottles.

In Episode 14 of the Bill Gephardt Show, we talk one-one-one with a couple of political gurus, including firebrand Jim Dabakis, former state senator and ex-chairman of the state Democratic party, on what he believes is the underlying cause of our great political divide.

We also hear from longtime political reporter and conservative commentator Rod Decker, and why he says the seeds of today’s discontent were sown here and across the country by a Republican presidential nominee nearly 60 years ago.

Also on the show is Luz Escamilla, minority whip in the Utah State Senate and a veteran legislative leader who is at the vortex of the upcoming statehouse session. She not only has firsthand experience in power politics on The Hill, she’s also experienced in coping with COVID-19 and the lingering effects it’s having on her and her family six months after they were first diagnosed.

Also, on Episode 14, a creamy, upbeat story about a talented, offbeat artist, Christopher Creek, whose favorite medium is the main ingredient in America’s favorite sandwich cookie. Gephardt Daily’s arts and entertainment reporter, Daisy Blake, has his delicious story.

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