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So that’s what Taylor Swift meant! Local scam alert, puppies will save your marriage!...

So, what happens when you're mistaken for someone else and all of social media stomps you?

Welcome ‘The Todd and Erin Morn- Uh, After- Uh…. ‘ Anyway, welcome!

Welcome "The Todd & Erin Morn ... Uh, after- Uh...."

Houston’s flooding, ketamine is a lifesaver, Facebook owns your face! ‘The Todd and Erin...

Houston's misery isn't over, even now that Hurricane Harvey is gone. We'll tell you how you can help on today's "Todd and Erin Morning Stream."

The most despised man in America, eclipse mania, the T&E Psychic Fair! ‘The Todd...

So, the more Awful Man In The Universe is headed for trial for trading fraud.

Bad mayo, the wild kingdom and scalloped potatoes! ‘The Todd and Erin Morning Stream’...

What do you get when you have 25,000 pounds of rancid mayonnaise and nowhere to put it?

Hurricane Dorian to become Category 4 storm prior to making U.S. landfall

As Dorian spun into the warm, open waters of the Atlantic Thursday, concern grew about the storm's projected path towards the United States, where it could strike as a major hurricane over the upcoming holiday weekend.

Erin’s eye patch, Todd seems a little too into it! ‘The Todd and Erin...

So, Erin spent the weekend in the ER with "eye issues," which is better than what they'd originally diagnosed -- some medical thingie that sounded like her brain exploded.
Taiwan China Typhoon Souldelor

Taiwan, China Ready For Typhoon Souldelor

It caused power outages and damage to the the U.S. Northern Marianas islands.

‘Bomb cyclone’ taking aim at huge portion of western U.S.

Snow, rain and gusty winds are set to trigger a travel nightmare up and down the West Coast on the busiest travel day of the year, with travel woes likely to continue into Thanksgiving Day as a ferocious "bomb cyclone" hits the region.