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Saturday, July 2, 2022
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Chirps chips taste-testing on ‘The Todd and Erin Daily Stream’

Sooo... how do you feel about eating bugs?

Clutching a stuffie and sobbing in the university’s ‘cry closet’

So, the University of Utah's deep in Final's Week, and someone installed a "Cry Closet" in the library so you can crawl in, cuddle a stuffie and weep hopelessly for 10 minutes before pulling yourself together.

‘I had a ball at the testicle festival’ – a bumper sticker no one...

We discuss the sad demise of the Montana Testicle Festival today without really mustering much sympathy about it.

When Utah police actually have To make a video telling kids not to bring...

It seems truly pitiful when Utah police officers actually have to release an "instructional video" on why falsely reporting a gun incident at your high school is a super bad idea.

The world’s first penis transplant and why science is grand

Hey, you know how Dr. Oz seems really sweet and super into your good health?

Weeds: 1 Erin: 0 – ‘The Todd and Erin Daily Stream’

Gardening experts, you know this feeling -- waiting for the enough sunny days to finally nail all those weeds slowly and tauntingly coating the entirety of your yard.

Your trampoline urban oasis – DIY awesome – ‘The Todd and Erin Daily Stream’

So your poor trampoline is just sitting there, gathering just. How about turning it into an urban oasis?

Instant karma in action – ‘The Todd and Erin Daily Stream’

This, my friends, is instant karma in action.

That one time tumbleweeds ate your house – ‘The Todd and Erin Daily Stream’

So, imagine coming home from a long day at work to find yesterday's epic windstorm along the Wasatch Front effectively buried your house in tumbleweeds.