Art Garfunkel on Paul Simon: ‘I ‘Created a Monster’

Art Grafunkel & Paul Simon
Photo Courtesy: UPI

Art Garfunkel on Paul Simon: ‘I ‘Created a Monster’

LOS ANGELES, May 25 (UPI) — Art Garfunkel has slammed Paul Simon in a revealing new interview about the duo’s rocky and often bitter partnership.

Garfunkel recently told The Telegraph that he never understood why Simon chose to leave Simon & Garfunkel in 1970, when they were at the height of their popularity.

“It was very strange. Nothing I would have done. I want to open up about this,” Garfunkel said. “I don’t want to say any anti Paul Simon things, but it seems very perverse to not enjoy the glory and walk away from it instead. Crazy.”

Simon & Garfunkel were best known for decade-defining hits like “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and “Sound of Silence,” as well as Simon’s songwriting ability and Garfunkel’s voice.

Photo Courtesy: UPI
Photo Courtesy: UPI

The 73-year-old folk singer also said that he was so nice to the 5-foot-2 Simon because of his height.

“And that compensation gesture has created a monster,” Garfunkel said.

Garfunkel, who described himself as a “misanthrope,” added that he only needed a “rest” from Paul.

“Because he was getting on my nerves. The jokes had run dry,” he said.

Garfunkel even threw in a dig at Paul McCartney, comparing the former Beatles’ attitude toward his bandmate George Harrison.

George came up to me at a party once and said ‘my Paul is to me what your Paul is to you.’ He meant that psychologically they had the same effect on us. The Pauls sidelined us. I think George felt suppressed by Paul and I think that’s what he saw with me and my Paul. Here’s the truth: McCartney was a helluva music man who gave the band its energy, but he also ran away with a lot of the glory

Despite his harsh words, Garfunkel said he would be open to working with Simon in the future.

“When we get together, with his guitar, it’s a delight to both of our ears,” Garfunkel said. “A little bubble comes over us and it seems effortless. We blend. So, as far as this half is concerned, I would say, ‘Why not, while we’re still alive?'”


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