Herrera says his mom sent him 100 rosaries when he booked ‘Exorcist’ role

"The Exorcist" star Alfonso Herrera's Twitter profile photo

Oct. 14 (UPI) — Alfonso Herrera says his loved ones were initially worried and over-protective when he told them he would be playing a Catholic priest on Fox’s demon drama, “The Exorcist.”

“I come from a very Catholic background. I’m Mexican. All of my family, they are all Catholics. I’m a Catholic, but I don’t practice it. So, I remember my family, they were very concerned about me,” the 34-year-old actor recently laughed, while talking to reporters about the horror series at New York Comic Con.

“I remember I told my mom, ‘Hey, Mom, I’m going to do this show.’ And, literally, she sent me 100 rosaries. 100! Just in case. Just in case.”

Now in its second season, the show airs on Friday nights. It follows Herrera and Ben Daniels as they save people possessed by evil spirits.


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