‘Hocus Pocus’ Cast Celebrate Movie Ahead of Halloween

Photo Courtesy: Walt Disney Pictures

LOS ANGELES – October 30, 2015 — (UPI) — The Hocus Pocus cast recently celebrated the Halloween movie’s lasting legacy.

Vinessa Shaw (Allison), Thora Birch (Dani), Doug Jones (Billy Butcherson) and Sean Murray (Thackery Binx) honored the film and recalled memories from set in an interview with ABC News.

“I don’t think any of us had any idea of the magnitude of how popular it would be ’til this day,” Shaw said of the movie’s impact. “It just goes to show that when you are young you watch things over and over again and it gets in your head, and just sticks.”

“The fact that Hocus Pocus found a niche in that world where it cannot be extricated from

the holiday itself to me is really amazing,” Birch added. “I’m really surprised, but humbled and happy to be a part of something like that. I had the best time on that film.”

Hocus Pocus opened in theaters in July 1993, and earned over $46 million at the box office. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy star as a trio of witches inadvertently resurrected by a high school teenager (Omri Katz).

Photo Courtesy: Walt Disney Pictures

“They were all very sweet kids,” Jones recalled. “Thora of course was at the height of her fame. She was so affected by it all, she was very much a little kid. I’d be holding hands and skipping with her — it was so great to have a little niece like that.”

“Vinessa I’d say I was closest to and Thora was the most wonderful thing ever,” Murray said. “We’d be on and off with the set teacher in the trailer and she’d write little hears on the paper I was working on. If you mention it to her today she’ll say, ‘Oh no, I didn’t do that.'”

Midler revealed she’d be interested in a Hocus Pocus sequel in November 2014, and joked about the potential movie Monday on Twitter. Parker subsequently told Vulturethere haven’t been serious discussions about a sequel yet.

Photo Courtesy: Bette Midler Twitter


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