Ice-T has been a fan of ‘SVU’ guest star Brooke Shields since ‘Blue Lagoon’

Brooke Shields. Photo: Wikipedia

Sept. 21 (UPI) — Ice-T says he has long admired Brooke Shields and is happy she is guest starring on his show “Law & Order: SVU.”

“It’s exciting to see Brooke Shields. I’m from “Blue Lagoon” time,” the 59-year-old rapper and actor told UPI in New York Wednesday.

“Famous [most] beautiful woman in the world,” added “SVU” co-star Raúl Esparza, 46, who was sitting beside Ice-T for the interview.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Brooke was, like, on my list back in the day,” Ice-T laughed. “But she became friends with my wife [Coco,] so that blew that up.”

Esparza said he also had a prior connection to the 52-year-old actress before she stepped foot on “SVU” set.

“I’ve known Brooke since she was Sally Bowles and I was the Emcee in ‘Cabaret,'” Esparza recalled. “It was her final weekend doing the last five performances, it was my first five. So, I have known her since 2001, right after Sept. 11 and we did ‘Leap of Faith’ together in Los Angeles. I’ve just known her, my God, all those years. So, it’s fantastic to have her here. I hope we get scenes together.”

“She’s a sweetheart,” Ice-T said.

The cast members said the show’s many guest stars help keep their jobs challenging.

“We are very fortunate. We have some of the best actors that come from film and theater and that makes it interesting,” Ice-T said. “There are always some fresh people on here and it’s fun.”

Also starring Mariska Hargitay, Season 19 of “SVU” starts Sept. 27. Shields will begin her arc on the show in October.


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