Davis County Jail will now provide tablets to inmates

Davis County Jail. Photo montage at www.daviscountyutah.gov/

FARMINGTON, Utah, March 4, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — The Davis County Sheriff’s Office has announced it will provide tablets to inmates starting this week.

“Preloaded with a variety of educational, entertainment, and communication features, the tablets offer persons who are incarcerated with improved opportunities to stay informed and connected,” said a news release.

Upon booking, each inmate will be assigned a tablet, and will have exclusive use of that tablet throughout their incarceration. Equal access to critical digital content will be available to all. Examples of critical content are phone calls, emessaging — approved digital messages and photo attachments, employment listings, law library, current news and events, education, ebooks, mental health resources, substance use disorder resources, and religious texts and services.

“The tablets are a resource we’ve been working on for some time and we’re excited to finally get them in the hands of every individual in our care and custody,” said Sheriff Kelly V. Sparks.

“In addition to being an educational tool for inmates, they provide a positive outlet and will increase their communication opportunities with friends and family.

“Now, more than ever, providing safe opportunities for human connection is critical for mental and behavioral health, as well as for personal growth. We want everyone who spends time in our facility to return to the community better than when they came to us, these tablets will help us accomplish this mission.”

Additionally, the tablets will provide inmates access to, and the ability to electronically sign/accept, required forms and policies such as Prison Rape Elimination Act and the Inmate Handbook, the news release said. A subscription of $5 plus tax for the first day; with the remainder of the month free, grants tablet users access to pre-screened music, games, videos, and podcasts that can be purchased and downloaded for unlimited usage offline. This is a self-funded program, subscription and purchase fees pay the entire cost and no taxpayer funds will be used to establish or maintain the program.

For security and privacy purposes, tablets operate via a secure WiFi connection, and app access is limited to preloaded and approved content, the news release said. Similar to the current jail telephone and video visit policies and procedures, conversations are subject to monitoring and recording.

Families and friends interested in ensuring their loved one has entertainment options may deposit funds on the inmate’s account.


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