Dixie State University begins name change process, trustees explore recommendations

Dixie State University. Photo: Apply.dixie.edu

ST. GEORGE, Utah, March 25, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Dixie State University’s board of trustees executive committee is beginning the process of choosing a new name for school, according to a DSU press release,

“The 19-member Name Recommendation Committee will review options for the institution’s name, provide opportunities for public input and make a formal name recommendation to the board of trustees, per the language outlined in House Bill 278S01, Name Change Process for Dixie State University,” the news release said.

The committee includes members who represent students, university employees, community members and industry leaders. By Utah state law, the primary task of the committee is to identify a name for the university that reflects the institution’s mission and significance to the surrounding region and state as well as enabling the institution to compete and be recognized nationally.

“The Dixie State University board of trustees is thankful to the Utah State Legislature not only for supporting our name-change recommendation, but also for the guidance in the monumental task of recommending a name for our beloved institution,” David Clark, chair of the university’s Board of Trustees, said. “We are excited to assemble the committee and track the members’ progress.”

As part of the name selection process, the committee says it will work with an external communication partner to seek name recommendations from thousands of Utahns through an open survey, according to the press release. The committee and partner will review the survey’s data, narrow the search to approximately five name themes and present them for additional input to hundreds of students, alumni, community members, industry leaders and university employees via numerous focus groups.

“In addition, the committee is tasked with analyzing additional considerations for each name option such as trademark restrictions, acronym usage, various meanings, similarly named institutions, merchandising opportunities and more,” the news release said. “After collecting feedback from the public survey and focus groups and reviewing all past and present data and considerations, the Name Recommendation Committee will choose a final name theme, present it to additional focus groups and put forth a final name recommendation to the DSU board of trustees.”

If the board of trustees approves the committee’s name recommendation, the trustees will then forward it to the Utah Board of Higher Education, per HB 278S01. That body will then vote whether or not to recommend the name to the Utah Legislative Management Committee by Nov. 1.

To access more details on the Dixie State University name recommendation process and information on how to get involved, click here. To recommend a name or provide feedback regarding this process, email [email protected]


  1. Regarding the options for a new name for Dixie State University; Has the thought of looking at names of prominent alumni been considered? A simple search on my part, shows several whose last name is Dixon. Might that be a smooth transition for speaking the name, as well as changing the signs around campus? Also, it seems to be a legitimate compromise for those who want change, as well as those who would like to see the name of the University reminiscent of the one they have come to know and love.


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