Man booked into Weber County jail after alleged assault in North Ogden

Alfonso Javier Uribe. Photo: Weber County

NORTH OGDEN, Utah, Nov. 4, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — A man is being held without bail in the Weber County jail after he was charged on suspicion of aggravated assault of a girlfriend.

Alfonzo Javier Uribe, 20, faces charges of:

  • Aggravated assault, act committed with force/violence to injure, a second-degree felony
  • Threat of violence, a class A misdemeanor
  • Criminal mischief, intentional damage, defacement, destruction of property, a class A misdemeanor

North Ogden police were called to an address in the area of 400 E. 2600 North on Sunday, and talked to a woman who said she had been choked and had her life threatened by the suspect, who had also vandalized her car, her bedroom door, and her dresser.

“I learned that Alfonso had threatened to kill the victim if she ever betrayed him via text message,” says the probable cause statement, filed by the NOPD officer. “The victim
stated she witnessed Alfonso in the passenger side of the car which drove by slowly as Alfonso leaned out the window and threw a rock at her car. I learned that during the early hours of the morning, Alfonso had caused property damage inside the home.”

“I was led to this property and shown a bedroom door with a large hole in it and a dresser which had been defaced with lipstick writing,” the statement says. “The writing stated ‘thanks 4 breaking me 2 pieces, love Alfonso wish you & him the best.'”

The victim told officers she had spent much of Oct. 31 with the suspect, and the next day they argued about “her seeing other guys,” the statement says. “Alfonso stated he would leave while she was gone and she left the home.

“The victim stated she came home to find the back door was left open. She went upstairs to her room and began to receive text messages from Alfonzo stating he was coming for her and was going to kill her if she betrayed him. The victim relayed she went to go downstairs to make sure the doors were locked when she was ambushed by Alfonso at the bottom of the stairs.”

The woman said Uribe pushed her against a wall and wrapped his hands around her throat, restricting her airway, the statement says.

“The victim stated he was yelling at her and said ‘If you scream I will kill you.’ The victim stated she was held against the wall for a few minutes while Alfonzo choked her and yelled at her. The victim stated after he let go of her she ran up to her room and shut the bedroom door, locking it and the other doors to the room. Alfonzo followed her upstairs and kicked on the door causing the hole in the front and breaking out the back side.”

The victim told officers she opened the door to prevent further damage to it.

“Alfonso went into the bathroom and threatened if she told anyone what happened to her he would kill her or hurt her really badly because he didn’t want anyone else to have her. The victim stated she told him to leave but he stated he would not and just got mad. Alfonso eventually fell asleep and stayed the night. In the morning they went to church together.”

The woman said Uribe went back to her residence to retrieve his hat, and while there, he defaced her dresser with lipstick.

Uribe denied threatening the woman and assaulting her, and said the door was damaged when he tripped and fell onto it. The altercation was verbal only, he told police, adding that he did deface the dresser, but had no memory of throwing a rock at her car.

Police, noting an earlier assault conviction in Uribe’s record, later booked him into  jail.


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